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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Its the Thursday Three!

Terry has the Thursday Three posted for this week already. I'm even going to try to play today even though I've already mentioned several of the presents that I either received or gave this Christmas past. So, here's my answers-

1. Best gift I received or gave this year? Hmm. I've had 2 emails proclaiming that the slot car set that I bought for my nephew in Michigan has been a big success, so maybe that one was best. But the hummingbird decorated, white painted necklace rack that I made for the BSU was a big hit too. (Now that I have a digital camera, I could take a picture of that little present).

I actually hope that the 2 copies of Silent America for my sons will turn out to be the best presents that I gave this year.

2. The worst gift I received or gave? There really weren't any stinkers this year. I did receive a Hot Wheels car from son Noah that I picked out and paid for for myself which he snatched out of the shopping bag the week before Christmas and told me to be surprised...

3. The gift I'm going back to get for myself? I've already made mention of the welder I received and I do think I will be upgrading to the more advanced model. The Harbor Freight in SLC stocks the model I want but they are currently out of stock with more expected next week. That's it really, no other requirements to exchange or return any unwanted or wrong sized gifts. Not even any new pants that require hemming to fit my short legs.

I didn't get any parts for the buildup of my next computer but then, I didn't begin to expect any either. But I am planning to build a new computer this year to replace our groaning, underpowered, under memoried 5 year old P2 400mhz machine.

Now I've got paying work to attend to for the day!

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